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Call for Papers: International Conference on Computer Security in the Nuclear World: Security for Safety


Computer-based systems play an essential role in the safety and the security of nuclear and radioactive material and facilities. They are integrated into all aspects of the management and safe and secure operation of nuclear facilities, including their physical protection. As technology advances, the use of computer-based systems in these areas is increasing, and as a result, with it, the vulnerability to theft or manipulation of sensitive information. In light of this, the IAEA is organizing an International Conference on Computer Security in the Nuclear World: Security for Safety from 19 to 23 June 2023 in Vienna.

The conference will provide a global forum for competent authorities, operators, system and security integrators and vendors, and other relevant entities to exchange information and foster international cooperation in computer security, as an integral element of nuclear security for safety.
Those interested in contributing papers for the event have until 15 September to submit their abstracts.

“This is a long-anticipated conference, after the first one hosted in 2015. Challenges in protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information and assets, such as computer-based systems in nuclear facilities, need continuous action to prevent and mitigate any possible risks,” said Trent Nelson, a senior information and computer security officer at the IAEA and Scientific Secretary of the Conference. “The conference will provide a platform for the international community to share experiences and discuss challenges navigating the essential role that computers play for nuclear activities.”

The conference will include plenary sessions, keynote presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, technical sessions and demonstrations - including a Cyber village - touching on a range of topics that will enable participants to focus on their own role in computer security. A vendors’ exhibition will also be available.

Discussion topics will include state-level strategies and regulatory approaches for computer security in a nuclear security regime; computer security programme implementation and considerations related to supply chain management; the contribution of human resources to computer security, and the practical implementation of computer security assurance activities.

In addition, participants will discuss the sustainability of computer security, particularly in light of emerging digital technologies for nuclear activities, and the potential for international cooperation in computer security for a nuclear security regime.

“Safety and security features of the nuclear industry are increasingly relying on standardized digital technologies,” said Christophe Pilleux, IAEA nuclear information technology security officer and co-Scientific Secretary of the Conference. “This conference will bring together safety and security experts to review and consider emerging trends, priorities and future areas of work. If it is not secured from cyber-attack, it may not be safe – we invite participants to reflect on this area of importance to strengthen nuclear security.”

All original contributions on these topics are welcome. Those wishing to submit an abstract, of not more than 200 words, should do so through the Conference’s web-based submission system (IAEA-INDICO).

Further information about the conference, including detailed abstract submission instructions, is available here.

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