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Call for Papers: IAEA Meeting on Addressing the Nuclear Safety and Security Interface

Technical Meeting on the Safety and Security Interface

Interested participants have until 31 August 2018 to submit papers for the IAEA Technical Meeting on the Safety and Security Interface – Approaches and National Experiences, to be held at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna from 29 October to 1 November 2018.

Though some measures bolster both nuclear safety and security, there can be cases in which measures intended to improve nuclear safety could have a negative effect on nuclear security, or vice versa. Attention must therefore be paid to the interface between the two fields.

The Technical Meeting aims to identify challenges, gaps and good practices in addressing this interface. Representatives from governments, competent authorities, regulators, operators and others taking part in the meeting also will discuss and recommend activities the IAEA could conduct to support work in the field.

“We expect that participants will share their knowledge and practical experience of managing the safety-security interface,” said Gustavo Caruso, Director of the IAEA’s Office of Safety and Security Coordination. “This will enable participants to learn from each other and contribute to work that aims to improve practices in this field.”

The IAEA welcomes papers on challenges and good practices addressing the safety and security interface focusing on one of the following topics:

  • The legal framework, both at national and international levels
  • Responsibilities for safety and security 
  • Leadership and management
  • Regulatory framework
  • Nuclear installation life cycle
  • Radioactive material and associated facilities and activities
  • Human resources
  • Emergency and contingency preparedness and response
  • Computer and information security
  • Public communication and consultation with interested parties

For more information about the meeting and paper submission, please contact the Office of Safety and Security Coordination.

Last update: 21 Aug 2018


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