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Call for Papers: IAEA International Conference on Research Reactors


Research reactors are used in areas as diverse as training, education, industry, medicine, food and more. The IAEA’s next International Conference on Research Reactors will be held from 27 November to 1 December 2023 in the Dead Sea, Jordan. (Photo: IAEA)

Interested contributors have until 28 April 2023 to submit abstracts for the IAEA’s International Conference on Research Reactors: Achievements, Experience and the Way to a Sustainable Future, to be held from 27 November to 1 December 2023 at the Dead Sea, in Jordan.

Research reactors help countries achieve their development goals through scientific research, education and training. They don’t generate power, rather they produce vital neutrons widely used in medical, agricultural and industrial sectors. Their use ranges from producing radioisotopes for life-saving procedures or for irradiating fruits for safer food all the way to training next generation experts of nuclear engineers.

Every four years since 1999 the IAEA has been holding major international conferences on research reactors, taking a comprehensive approach to meeting the wide range of countries’ needs in infrastructure, research, operation, utilization, safety and security issues.

This next conference in the series is hosted by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission. It is aimed at maximizing the benefits of research reactors to society, with a primary focus on the achievements, experience and the way to a sustainable future for these powerful facilities.

The IAEA’s Research Reactor Database currently lists 841 research reactors: in 70 countries, of which:

  • 222 are operational (in 53 countries),
  •  24 are under construction (in 17 countries),
  • 79 are under temporary, extended or permanent shutdown (in 30 countries),
  • and 516 others are under decommissioning or have been decommissioned (in 37 countries).

Contributors interested in submitting papers for the Conference should focus on the following topics:

  • Utilization and Applications of Research Reactors
  • Research Reactor Operation and Maintenance
  • New Research Reactor programmes
  • Safety of Research Reactors
  • Security of Research Reactors
  • Research Reactor Fuel Management
  • Common Management Considerations for Research Reactors

Guidelines for the submission of abstracts are available here. Attendance at the conference is free of charge and there is no registration fee. 

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