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Bananas - A Staple in the Fight Against Malnutrition

Bananas are an essential staple crop for many people in developing countries and are key to ensuring food security.

Around 1.02 billion people worldwide are undernourished, reports the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), most of the malnourished live in developing countries.

The IAEA and FAO work together to provide more food for poor populations by developing plants that are able to grow and flourish in unfavourable environmental conditions. By using radiation, scientists at IAEA have been able to develop more than 3 000 mutant plant varieties from 70 different species.

Bananas are an essential staple crop for more than 450 million people in developing countries. Robust banana varieties are thus a key to ensuring food security. The IAEA has developed a banana variety, the Al-Beely banana that can thrive in dry conditions, an increasing problem as global temperatures rise and the climate changes.

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Last update: 27 July 2017