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62nd IAEA General Conference to Begin on Monday


(Video: A. Silva, J. Weilguny/IAEA)

Representatives from the IAEA’s Member States, including at ministerial level and above, will convene at the 62nd IAEA General Conference in Vienna, Austria next week to discuss key elements of the Agency’s priorities in its work on the peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

At the conference, which will take place from 17 to 21 September, delegates will consider a range of issues from strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications, to improving the efficiency of IAEA safeguards and growing international cooperation in nuclear, radiation, transport and waste safety.

Delegates will also discuss the IAEA’s Annual Report for 2017, its Financial Statements for 2017 and its Programme and Budget Update for 2019.

Reports prepared by the IAEA Secretariat and approved by the Board of Governors for discussion include the Nuclear Safety Review 2018, the Nuclear Technology Review 2018 and the Technical Cooperation Report for 2017. The complete list of documents provided to delegates is available here.

Scientific Forum on nuclear technology for climate

During the week, a two-day Scientific Forum will take place on 18 to 19 September bringing together leading experts, government representatives and academics from 21 countries to discuss the role nuclear science can play in mitigating, monitoring and adapting to climate change.

Titled Nuclear Technology for Climate: Mitigation, Monitoring and Adaptation, the Forum will address topics such as the role of nuclear power in limiting greenhouse gas emissions and the competitiveness of nuclear power, how nuclear techniques are advancing the understanding of climate change and its impact on oceans and agriculture, and the role that nuclear science plays in helping countries adapt to the consequences of climate change, for example through breeding more resilient crops, addressing risks to food safety and fighting insect pests and animal diseases. 

More information on the Scientific Forum is available here.

Side events showcasing the work of the IAEA and its Member States

Throughout the General Conference, 77 side events will showcase cutting-edge work using nuclear techniques at the IAEA and in Member States, highlighting activities and special programmes.

Tours showcasing the Agency’s Individual Monitoring Service Laboratories, the Incident and Emergency Centre, the Isotope Hydrology Laboratory and the Safeguards Equipment facilities also are on offer, and interested delegates can register for tours of the Safeguards Analytical Laboratory and the Nuclear Applications Laboratory in Seibersdorf.

More information about the many side events, as well as other conference-related information including the provisional agenda, is available on the General Conference website.

Join the IAEA in going green

To demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, the IAEA is organizing the General Conference as a green meeting according to the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel, keeping the ecological impact of the event as low as possible.

To take part in this initiative, delegates are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly options when planning their participation, including reducing paper use by downloading the IAEA Conferences and Meetings App available on IOS and Android devices as a one-stop access to information on the General Conference and its side events. The app allows users to put together their own personalized schedule of events and activities related to the event.

Follow the IAEA and #IAEAGC for the General Conference or #Atoms4Climate for the Scientific Forum on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for updates throughout the week.


Last update: 14 Sep 2018


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