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Scientific Forum 2018 - Session 1: Role of Nuclear Power in Limiting CO2 Emissions

The first session highlighted the role nuclear power plays in simultaneously reducing GHG emissions and securing sufficient energy generation to drive economic growth. In our energy-hungry world where 70 per cent of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, 80 per cent of electricity will need to be produced by a low-carbon source if climate change goals are to be met by 2050. Today, nuclear power produces 11 per cent of the world's electricity and a third of the world's low-carbon electricity. Nuclear power plants produce virtually no GHGs or air pollutants during their operation.

Apart from these benefits, this session explored the main challenges facing nuclear power, including public acceptance and financing. Newcomer countries to nuclear power shared their perspectives, and the role of innovation in its future expansion was also highlighted.

See the programme and presentations here.

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