On the road: The transport of HEU fuel from the research reactor to the airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Truck with ISO transport container containing the IIN-3M Foton rector’s irradiated liquid HEU fuel is leaving the site of the Radiation and Technological Complex in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After draining the HEU fuel from the reactor core, it was safely and securely placed into transport canisters, which were then loaded carefully onto a SKODA VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container. That container is inside the standard, blue transport container on the truck. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)The convoy on the road from the Radiation and Technological Complex to Tashkent International Airport. The container with the HEU fuel in the truck right in front of the police car. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Pulling out the Skoda VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container form the ISO transport container at Tashkent International Airport. This container, which contains the liquid fuel, is licensed for surface transport by truck, rail or ship. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Gamma dose rate measurement on the Skoda VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container’s surface. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)A final check of the IAEA’s seals. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Inserting the Skoda VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container into the lower part of the TUK-145/C over-package. This over-package, made of titanium, meets the more stringent criteria necessary for air transport. It protects its content from extreme shocks, such as one associated with a plane crash. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Closing the TUK-145/C over-package enveloping the SKODA VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container containing irradiated liquid HEU fuel. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Putting in the final screws to hold together the top and bottom halves of the TUK-145/C over-package. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Final gamma dose rate measurement on the TUK-145/C over-package’s surface. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Truck drives up the ramp into the compartment part of the AN-124 cargo plane. The truck will stay in the plane and travel with the over-package to Russia. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)Truck half-way in the plane. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)The over-package rolls into the plane on the back of the truck. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA) The truck and the over-package in "flight position" just before the closing of the plane. Final destination: Mayak reprocessing facility, Russia. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)
Last update: 2 November 2015

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