UNMOVIC/IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq, 14 December 2002


One UNMOVIC biological team went back to the Communicable Diseases Control Centre in Baghdad this morning. The team removed the tagged seals from the locked rooms and inspected the laboratories inside. The team did not find any signs of break-in or break-in attempts on the rooms, including windows. The inspection was completed in about one hour. This team then joined the main biological team, which inspected the Al Tuwaitha complex.

Two UNMOVIC teams of missile inspectors visited separate locations involved in missile activity. One team visited the Al Samood factory about 40 km west of Baghdad. The factory belongs to the Al Karama State Company and commenced its operations in 1999. The factory manufactures major components for the Al Samood missile. Final assembly of the missiles is also undertaken at this site.

The other team went to the Al Fat'h facility, which is owned by the Military Industrialisation Corporation. The site is located approximately 30 km west of Baghdad. The facility solely conducts research and development (R&D) on solid propellant missiles and rockets. The activities transferred from the Al Kadhimiya plant in early 1999.

One UNMOVIC chemical team inspected two facilities within the Al Qa Qaa complex: a high concentrated (oleum) sulpheric acid plant and all storages in the main storage area. Equipment and chemicals present at both sites were verified. The Director General of the complex informed the team about the changes that had occurred since 1998. The inspection went smoothly.

The IAEA had several inspection teams out today at a number of facilities.

Three IAEA teams carried out inspections at Shaheed, a facility some 120 km south west of Baghdad that is involved in the manufacture of non-ferrous alloys, principally copper and has power supply greater than 10MW. This site was previously involved in the Electro-magnetic Isotope Separation (EMIS) programme prior to 1991. These teams then split, with one group going onto the Theo al Fukar factory, a site previously involved in Iraq's centrifuge project, in the Nassr complex at Taji, some 35km north west of Baghdad, and another team proceeding to the Tahidi facility close to Baghdad. Inspections were carried out to review the activities of personnel and departments at these three sites since 1998.

Two IAEA teams carried out inspections at Hatteen and adjacent Iskanderiya facilities located some 70km south of Baghdad. Inspections were carried out to review the activities of personnel and departments at these sites since 1998.

One IAEA team, which carried out inspections at the Nassr and Theo al Fukar facilities at Taji and at the adjacent Al Sumood site, moved onto the Daura heavy engineering facility. Inspections into the disposition and use of dual-purpose machine tools were carried out.

The IAEA hydrological team accompanied the teams to Nassr and Theo al Fukar sites where various waste streams were sampled.

The IAEA gamma survey group performed a random survey around the area of Saddam city and the Tahidi Science facility.

The IAEA team also supported the UNMOVIC biological and missile teams in their inspection of facilities at the Tuwaitha nuclear research centre and the Al Sumood factory near Abu Ghraib.

Hiro Ueki
Spokesman for UNMOVIC and the IAEA in Baghdad


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