UNMOVIC IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq. 29 December 2002


An UNMOVIC chemical team inspected the Chemical Engineering Design Centre in Baghdad. The Centre is part of the Sa'ad Company, which owns the Ibn Younis Centre, a mechanical design establishment, inspected yesterday. The Chemical Engineering Design Centre is involved in various projects for chemical and petrochemical production facilities. The team examined archives and current projects, and also looked into management and personnel.

An UNMOVIC multidisciplinary team inspected the General Commission of Customs in Baghdad. This Commission is the central customs authority in Iraq.

The IAEA inspected two sites: the Eyz Company and the Salam Factory in Baghdad. The Eyz Company produces generic electronic equipment, such as radio communications equipment, power distribution equipment, telephone switching boards. The Salam Factory produces mainly communications equipment for both civilian and military applications.

6 UNMOVIC inspectors and 2 IAEA inspectors left Baghdad today. In turn, 6 new UNMOVIC inspectors and 6 new IAEA inspectors joined the respective inspection teams in Baghdad, bringing the total number of inspectors to 110. The breakdown of inspectors is 100 from UNMOVIC and 10 from the IAEA.

Hiro Ueki,
Spokesman for UNMOVIC and the IAEA in Baghdad


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