Nuclear Safety Convention Review Opens 14 April

Top Nuclear Safety Experts Meet in Vienna


Three separate safety-related meetings at the IAEA will focus on the safety of nuclear installations, starting tomorrow, 9 April.

The International Nuclear Safety Group (INSAG) starts a three-day meeting tomorrow. An advisory body comprised of 17 renowned nuclear experts from industry, academia and regulatory organizations, INSAG´s aim is to highlight current and emerging safety issues related to the operation of nuclear installations.

The Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE), an internally-focused IAEA group that advises the Director General on nuclear power, fuel cycle and nuclear science issues will also start a three-day meeting tomorrow. It will focus on ways in which the IAEA can assist nuclear infrastructure development in countries in planning stages.

On 14 April, over 500 delegates from 61 contracting parties are expected to participate in the two-week long, 4th Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS), a major legally binding international instrument born out of the Chernobyl accident. Representatives from all the world´s countries with nuclear power generation will review the state of nuclear power plant safety worldwide.

Note to Journalists

The three events are closed to the media. Please visit the following links or contact the IAEA Press Office if you are interested in covering the topic.

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Last update: 12 September 2014