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Remarks by Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts


The following is a transcript of remarks made on 14 February 2013 by Herman Nackaerts, Deputy Director General for Safeguards, at the Vienna International Airport upon his return from Iran:

Good morning. We had discussions on the structured approach document but could not finalize the document. As you know, that document, once agreed, should facilitate the resolution of outstanding issues regarding possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear programme. However, our commitment to continued dialogue is unwavering. We will work hard now to try and resolve the remaining differences, but time is needed to reflect on the way forward. As on previous occasions, we were not granted access to Parchin.

AP: Did you get closer to agreement; did you make progress?

You will understand that this is part of the negotiation and it is difficult for me to comment on that. Thank you.

EFE: Are you going to meet again?

We haven't agreed yet on a date of the next meeting so we will inform you in due course.

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