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Press Arrangements for IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, 6–10 March 2023

Vienna, Austria

The IAEA Board of Governors will convene its regular March meeting, starting at 10:30 CET on Monday, 6 March in Boardroom C, in the C building in the Vienna International Centre (VIC).

Board discussions are expected to include: nuclear and radiation safety; nuclear security; strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications; verification and monitoring in the Islamic Republic of Iran in light of United Nations Security Council resolution 2231 (2015); staff of the Department of Safeguards to be used as Agency inspectors; application of safeguards in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in the Syrian Arab Republic; NPT Safeguards Agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran; nuclear safety, security and safeguards in Ukraine; transfer of the nuclear materials in the context of AUKUS and its safeguards in all aspects under the NPT; restoration of sovereign equality in the IAEA; appointment of the Director General; and personnel matters.

The Board of Governors meeting is closed to the press.

Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi will open the meeting with an introductory statement, which will be released to journalists after delivery and posted on the IAEA website. The IAEA can also provide video footage upon request and will make photos available on Flickr.

Press Conference:

Director General Grossi is expected to hold a press conference at 13:00 CET on Monday, 6 March, in the Press Room of the M building.

A live video stream of the press conference will be available. The IAEA can provide video footage from the press conference upon request and will make photos available on Flickr.

Event to launch IAEA Lise Meitner Programme:

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, Director General Grossi will launch the IAEA Lise Meitner Programme at 13:15 CET on Wednesday, 8 March, outside Boardroom C. The event will feature distinguished speakers, including Monica Frisch, the great-niece of Lise Meitner and the daughter of her nephew, Otto Robert Frisch, as well as partners of the new programme. The talks will be followed by an interactive question and answer session and the reveal of the new IAEA Lise Meitner Library name plaque.

This event is open to media and will also be livestreamed.

Photo Opportunity:

There will be a photo opportunity with the IAEA Director General and the Chair of the Board, Ambassador Ivo Sramek of the Czech Republic, before the start of the meeting on 6 March at 10:30 CET in Board Room C, in the C building in the VIC.

Press Working Area:

The Press Room on the ground floor of M building will be available as a press working area from 09:00 CET on 6 March.


All journalists are requested to inform the IAEA Press Office of their plans to attend.

Journalists with permanent credentials to the VIC need no additional credentials. We encourage those journalists who do not yet have permanent accreditation, to request it at UNIS Vienna. Other journalists who plan to attend only this event should email press@iaea.org stating their name and affiliation as soon as possible but not later than 12:00 CET on Friday, 3 March.

Please plan your arrival to allow sufficient time to pass through the VIC security check.  

Last update: 2 March 2023

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