Next Steps to Appoint IAEA Director General


The process of appointing the IAEA Director General for four years beginning 1 December 2005 is under way. IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei´s term of office expires on 30 November 2005. Dr ElBaradei has served as Director General since 1997 and has stated his availability for a third term of office.

The Director General must secure two-thirds of the vote of the 35-member IAEA Board of Governors in order to be appointed. Procedures are set forth in a memorandum of 9 September 2004 from the Board Chairman. If a two-thirds majority is not achieved, the nomination process begins again. A new slate of candidates is then presented to the Board for its consideration, with the Director General appointed only once a two-thirds majority is achieved. (See Appointment Process under Related Resources.)

At its meetings beginning 28 February, IAEA Board Chair Ingrid Hall is expected a report on the progress of informal Board consultations conducted over recent months.

The Board intends to make an appointment by June this year. The appointment is then submitted for approval at the IAEA General Conference in September 2005.

Dr. ElBaradei is the IAEA´s fourth Director General since 1957. He was first appointed to the office effective December 1997, and reappointed to a second term in 2001. He follows Hans Blix, IAEA Director General from 1981 to 1997; Sigvard Eklund, IAEA Director General from 1961 to 1981; and Sterling Cole, IAEA Director General from 1957 to 1961.

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