UNMOVIC IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq

News Update on Iraq Inspections


Correction: As of yesterday, UNMOVIC submitted a total of 16 requests for a private interview, involving 13 Iraqi individuals. 3 individuals were requested to be interviewed in private once before the 10-point agreement of 20 January and once afterwards. (The press statement yesterday had a wrong number for individuals involved.)

Today’s inspections:

An UNMOVIC biological team inspected the University of Technology in central Baghdad. A second biological team inspected two agricultural field stations about 45 km northwest of Baghdad, while a third biological team inspected sites belonging to the State Company for Drugs Marketing Appliances about 10 km north of Baghdad.

An UNMOVIC missile team went to Al Mamoun, approximately 65 km southwest of Baghdad, to obtain a sample of the Al Fatah propellant for analysis.

An UNMOVIC multidisciplinary team inspected the Al Fallujah Ammunition Depot, approximately 100 km west of Baghdad.

An UNMOVIC chemical team flew by helicopter in the direction of a site but could not continue due to weather conditions.

Three IAEA teams conducted inspections. One team inspected the Headquarters of the Geological Survey of Iraq in Baghdad. A second team performed a motorized radiation survey in the Fallujah industrial area and other areas to the west of Baghdad. A third team inspected the Colleges of Science, Education, and Engineering at Kufa University.

Hiro Ueki
Spokesman for UNMOVIC and the IAEA in Baghdad


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Last update: 13 November 2014