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UNMOVIC IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq

News Update on Iraq Inspections


For full coverage, see the pages on IAEA and Iraq.

An UNMOVIC missile team returned to the Taji Technical Battalion and supervised the destruction of 6 more Al Samoud 2 missiles and 3 warheads, bringing the total number of Al Samoud 2 missiles and warheads destroyed since 1 March to 52 and 19 respectively. The team also inspected one command and control vehicle used to launch Al Samoud 2 missiles and eliminated all the computer software used for the launch. Another missile team visited the Waziriyah plant, 10km north of Baghdad, where it inventoried and started the destruction of materials related to the Al Samoud 2 missile. A third missile team went to Al Harith, 40km north of Baghdad, to remove UNMOVIC tags from SA-2 missiles to allow maintenance and placed tags onto missiles that had finished maintenance.

UNMOVIC conducted a private interview with an Iraqi individual, who had taken part in the unilateral destruction of precursors for chemical weapons production.

An UNMOVIC biological team returned to the Al Aziziyah Airfield and Firing Range and supervised the further excavation of R-400 bombs and the transfer of the excavated R-400 bombs and fragments to a more secure area of the site. Another biological team inspected the Nehrawan branch of the Mesopotamia State Company for Seed Handling located approximately 30km east northeast of Baghdad.

An UNMOVIC chemical team inspected the State Company for Leather Industry, located 11km south of Baghdad. The site was declared as using declarable chemicals.

An UNMOVIC multidisciplinary team inspected the State Establishment for Mechanical Industries in Iskandariyah, approximately 60km south of Baghdad. This facility produces agricultural machines. The team also inspected the Hiteen State Company in the same area. This company produces artillery munitions.

One IAEA team visited Al Tuwaitha, 25km south of Baghdad to review the status of radioactive waste remaining in a waste storage site. Another IAEA team performed a car-borne radiation survey of Al Tuwaitha.

Last update: 20 June 2018

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