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UNMOVIC IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq

News Update on Iraq Inspections


For full coverage, see the pages on IAEA and Iraq.

An UNMOVIC missile team supervised the destruction of 6 more Al Samoud 2 missiles at Al Taji, bringing to 34 the total number of Al Samoud 2 missiles destroyed to date. Another missile team observed the final concrete encasing of the two destroyed casting chambers at Al Mutasim. A third missile team visited the Al Samoud Factory to inventory spare parts and components for the Al Samoud 2 missile.

An UNMOVIC biological team returned to the Al Aziziyah Airfield and Firing Range to take further samples from the excavated R-400 bombs. The team then inspected two facilities near Aziziyah that belong to the Mesopotamia State Company for Seeds.

An UNMOVIC chemical team flew by helicopter to inspect the Akashat Phosphate Mine in Al Qaim. The mine provides raw materials to the Al Qaim Fertilizer Plant.

An UNMOVIC multidisciplinary team conducted aerial surveillance of three different sites in the northern No-Fly-Zone.

A Mosul-based multidisciplinary team inspected the North Gas Company in Kirkuk. This company produces different kinds of gases and sulphur.

An IAEA team inspected the SAAD State Company in Baghdad and performed a detailed review of a new factory that SAAD is designing. A second IAEA team inspected a private trading company in the Mansour district of Baghdad. A third IAEA team performed a radiation survey in north Baghdad.

Last update: 20 June 2018

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