UNMOVIC IAEA Press Statement on Inspection Activities in Iraq

News Update on Iraq Inspections


An UNMOVIC biological team inspected two sites: the State Company for Drugs and Medical Appliances Marketing at Al Addile, about 10 km northwest of Baghdad and the same company located at Al Dabash, about 28 km northwest of Baghdad. This company imports, among other things, medical equipment and supplies.

An UNMOVIC chemical team visited the Al Mamoun Factory of the Al Rasheed State Company, roughly 60 km south of Baghdad. The team inspected a polyester plant, chemical stores and rubber and plastic workshops.

An UNMOVIC multidisciplinary team was unable to fly to an inspection site by helicopter due to weather conditions.

Note: An UNMOVIC missile team witnessed a static test firing of the Al Samoud missile engine late in the afternoon yesterday, 9 January, after the morning test was postponed for technical reasons.

Hiro Ueki
Spokesman for UNMOVIC and the IAEA in Baghdad


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Last update: 14 February 2018


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