Multilateral Approaches to Better Control Sensitive Parts of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle


The findings of an IAEA international group of experts examining multilateral approaches to better control sensitive parts of the nuclear fuel cycle will be made public at a press briefing, tomorrow, Tuesday 22 February 2005, at 15:00 at the Vienna International Centre, Press Briefing Room C03.

Bruno Pellaud, chairman of the group, whose 26 members from the same number of States have held four week long meetings since the group was convened in August, 2004, will introduce the report and be available to take questions.

There will also be an opportunity following the briefing for representatives of the electronic media to conduct interviews with Mr Pellaud in French and German as well as English.

The group was convened by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General of the IAEA, after he suggested to the IAEA's General Conference in 2003 that wide dissemination of the most proliferation sensitive parts of the nuclear fuel cycle, uranium enrichment and plutonium separation, could be the Achilles heel of the nuclear non-proliferation regime.


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