IAEA to Host Experts' Meeting on Post-Accident Nuclear Decommissioning and Remediation


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will host a five-day International Experts' Meeting (IEM) on Decommissioning and Remediation After a Nuclear Accident from 28 January to 1 February 2013. This is part of a series of expert meetings held in connection with the implementation of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety, endorsed by the Agency's General Conference in September 2011. The meeting is organized by the IAEA's Department of Nuclear Safety and Security and the Department of Nuclear Energy.

The meeting will feature a closing Press Conference on 1 February at about 12:30 in Boardroom A. IEM Chairperson, Carl-Magnus Larsson, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), and IAEA Deputy Director General, Denis Flory, will participate in the Press Conference.

This IEM will provide a forum to share lessons learned from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident and identify the complex safety, technical and societal issues that must be considered when managing long-term consequences of a nuclear accident. These issues include decommissioning, environmental remediation and radioactive waste management. The meeting will help Member States to improve their preparations and capacities for managing long-term consequences of a nuclear accident.

As protecting the public and the environment from harmful radiation is of utmost importance, the IEM will address the following issues, among others:

  • The status of activities in Fukushima Prefecture and the Fukushima Daiichi facility;
  • Lessons learned from past accidents and challenges for the future;
  • Strategies for decommissioning, waste management and remediation; and
  • Public involvement and decision making.

The IEM background, objectives, topics, format and other organizational details are described on the IAEA Website.

Press Access:

In addition to the closing Press Conference, the meeting will offer a 15-minute photo opportunity at the start of the opening session on 28 January at 14:00 in Boardroom A of the M-Building of the Vienna International Centre.

The remainder of the meeting will be closed to journalists.


Journalists with permanent accreditation to the VIC need no further credentials. We encourage those journalists who do not yet have permanent accreditation, to request it at UNIS Vienna. All others must seek accreditation by contacting the IAEA Press Office; tel: [43-1] 2600-21273).

Background on Nuclear Action Safety Plan

The IAEA Nuclear Safety Action Plan defines a programme of work to strengthen the nuclear safety framework worldwide in the light of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident. The Plan was unanimously endorsed by IAEA Member States during the Agency's 55th General Conference in September 2011. One of the Plan's 12 main actions is "Protection of people and the environment from ionizing radiation."

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