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IAEA Director General Comments on US President Bush's Non-Proliferation Proposals


IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei - whose essay in the New York Times 12 February outlined measures for stronger action against nuclear proliferation - made the following points in commenting on the proposals of 11 February 2004 by US President George Bush.

"I have the same concern and sense of urgency expressed by President Bush to shore up the non-proliferation regime and global security system.

"I have laid out some ideas and proposals to that end (see Op-Ed in today's New York Times), including the need for additional authority for the IAEA, a much more stringent export control system and accelerated efforts towards nuclear disarmament.

"I call on the international community to engage in an urgent dialogue that can move us towards an agreed package of measures to strengthen the non-proliferation regime and international security system."

Last update: 20 June 2018

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