IAEA Conference to Discuss Nuclear Regulatory Systems


The International Atomic Energy Agency will convene an International Conference next week in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss various aspects related to nuclear regulatory systems.

The International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems, to be held from 14 to 18 December 2009, is the second in a series of meetings that began in 2006 and brings together senior nuclear safety, radiation safety and security experts from around the world to discuss how to improve regulatory effectiveness to assure protection of the public and the environment. The meeting will help participants to review and assess the effectiveness of the global nuclear safety and security regime and to propose future actions to further enhance it.

Media representatives are welcome to attend all sessions of the five-day Conference, which is organized by the IAEA and hosted by the Government of South Africa through the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) of South Africa. The meeting will be held at Cape Town International Convention Centre, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa, [+27-21] 410 5000.

A press briefing will be held on the opening day of the Conference on Monday, 14 December at 19:00 in Meeting Room 3. Room 1.61.

The following representatives will be present during the briefing:

  • Gregory B. Jazcko, Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and President of the Conference;
  • Guy Clapisson, acting CEO, National Nuclear Regulator (NNR); and
  • Tomihiro Taniguchi, IAEA Deputy Director General, Nuclear Safety and Security.

If you wish to attend the Conference and/or press briefing, please e-mail the IAEA Press Office or NNR.

You can find further information on the Conference at: International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems: Further Enhancing the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Regime.


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