IAEA to Brief Media Ahead of International Conference on Nuclear Security


The International Atomic Energy Agency will brief members of the media on 25 June 2013 at 13:30 to provide context and background information ahead of the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts. Khammar Mrabit, Director of the IAEA's Office of Nuclear Security, will lead the briefing.

The Conference will address international nuclear security efforts, both by reviewing current approaches and by identifying future directions. With more than 1 000 participants, including 30 ministerial-level officials, from some 112 countries and 20 international and regional organizations, the Conference will provide a global forum for policymakers and senior officials to share views on future directions and priorities to strengthen nuclear security.

The IAEA has been active in the nuclear security field for several decades. Its Office of Nuclear Security maintains an authoritative global database which records incidents and trafficking in nuclear and radioactive materials, and on request provides peer reviews and advisory services. It helps states to protect their nuclear facilities against terrorist attacks or acts of sabotage, to prevent nuclear and other radioactive materials from being stolen and sold, to secure borders, and to prepare for major public events that could be a target for criminal groups.

The advance briefing will be held in Room MOE75 in the M-Building of the Vienna International Centre (VIC). Journalists with permanent accreditation to the VIC need no further credentials. We encourage those journalists who do not yet have permanent accreditation to request it at UNIS Vienna. All others must seek accreditation by contacting the IAEA Press Office; tel: [+43-1] 2600-21279 or [+43-1] 2600-21273.

Journalists may also monitor the briefing with live video streaming available online from 13:30 (no login needed).

More information about the Conference is available here.

More information about the IAEA's nuclear security activities is available here.


All journalists are requested to inform the IAEA Press Office of their plans to attend. Journalists with permanent credentials to the VIC need no additional credentials. Others should contact Jayne Stringer for accreditation. Or call [+43-1] 2600-21279 or [+43-1] 2600-21273.

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