Together for More Women in Nuclear: Donors

Special thanks to the following Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Programme (MSCFP) donors, whose contributions are helping to grow the number of women in the nuclear field!    

100+ female students are selected for scholarships under the programme each year, depending on the availability of funding. Costs associated with the implementation of the MSCFP are secured from extrabudgetary resources, in line with established IAEA procedures.

    Member States

    Inter-governmental Organizations

    Other Partners/Donors

    Budget and Funding

    Partners can engage in the Programme by providing extrabudgetary contributions and/or in-kind support.

    If you are interested in partnering for MSCFP please contact:

    Member States are encouraged to reach out to their national stakeholders from academia, the private sector, foundations and similar to assess their interest in supporting the Programme.

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