Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J4-TM-52720

Technical Meeting on Novel Design and Safety Principles of Nuclear Power Plants

Trieste, Italy
Event Code: L2-TR-52324

Joint IAEA-ICTP Nuclear Energy Management School

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J9-TR-52443

Workshop on the Management of Waste from the Decommissioning of Research Reactors

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J3-TR-52497

Training Workshop for Senior Educators on Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: A2-BG-13

Board of Governors

Bure, France
Event Code: T2-TM-52977

Technical Meeting of the Underground Research Facilities Network for Geological Disposal

Vilnius, Lithuania
Event Code: J0-TR-53026

Regional Training Course on the Security of Radioactive Sources

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: J3-TR-53338

Pilot Training Course on the Development and Use of Operational Intervention Levels for Severe Emergencies at Light Water Reactors