Ensenada, Mexico

Event Code: K4-TM-52802

Training Course on Ocean Acidification

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: I2-TM-52256

Technical Meeting on Risk Management in Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: I2-TM-52235

Technical Meeting on Strengthening Resiliency in Nuclear Power Plant Operations in Face of Current and Future Challenges

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: F3-TM-52889

Technical Meeting on Reappraising the Use of Data on Isotopes in Precipitation

Seibersdorf, Austria

Event Code: D2-TR-52152

Training Meeting on Mutation Induction in Coffee

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: A2-BG-12

Board of Governors

Obninsk, Russian Federation

Event Code: J0-TR-53029

International Training Course on the Practical Operation of Physical Protection Systems at Nuclear Facilities

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: I2-TM-52548

Technical Meeting on Developing Public Communication, Consultation and Participation in Nuclear Power Programmes

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