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Latest info on COVID-19

Anyone entering the VIC - including meeting participants - is strongly encouraged to ensure that they meet the criteria for posing a low epidemiological risk as defined by the Austrian legislation. Also, from 15 September, in line with the guidance of the Host Country and recommendations of the VIC Medical Service, conference participants are required to comply with the low epidemiological risk criteria at meetings, conferences and events with 25 or more participants. By swiping their grounds pass/badge, these meeting participants entering the VIC will be declaring that they possess valid documentation meeting one or more of the 3G criteria as defined by the Austrian legislation. They will also confirm that they will produce the documentation to the conference, meeting and event organizers, organizations or VIC Medical Service if required. In addition, in-person participants are required to provide their contact details to the meeting organizers to facilitate contract tracing if needed, keep a distance of at least one meter and wear masks in meeting rooms and in all VIC common areas (using FFP2 masks is generally recommended and is mandatory for accessing essential services, such as the pharmacy and banks, at the VIC).

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