Events – Health

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: CX-TM-55958

Sixth Meeting of the Advisory Group on Increasing Access to Radiotherapy Technology in Low and Middle Income Countries

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: J1-TM-54735

Technical Meeting on Preventing Unintended and Accidental Medical Exposures in Radiology

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: J7-TR-54794

Workshop on Operational Radiation Protection and Waste Management for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: 1-TM-55034

Technical Meeting on Professional Learning and the Development of Competencies in Nuclear Medicine

Trieste, Italy

Event Code: E2-TR-55341

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on the Implementation of Image Guided Radiotherpay (IGRT)

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Event Code: E43031-CR-2

Second Research Coordination Meeting on Bioavailability of Proteins from Plant Based Diets

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