Vienna, Austria
Event Code: F3-TR-55282

Laboratory Training Course on Water Isotope Analysis by Laser Spectroscopy

Santiago, Chile
Event Code: F1-TM-54604

23rd Technical Meeting on Research Using Small Fusion Devices

Lima, Peru
Event Code: J0-TR-55675

Regional Training Course on Protection and Prevention Measures against Sabotage of Nuclear Facilities

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: E2-TR-55364

Workshop on Uncertainty Estimations for Radiation Measurements

Rabat, Morocco
Event Code: J0-TR-55582

Regional Workshop to Launch a Project on Enhancing National Regulatory Frameworks for Nuclear Security' in Africa

Pretoria, South Africa
Event Code: J0-TR-56244

Regional Training Course on Introduction to Nuclear Forensics

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: L5-TM-55738

Third Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Knowledge Management

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: T3-TM-55787

Annual Technical Working Group Meeting on Research Reactors (TWG-RR)