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Workshop of the Capacity Building Centres for Emergency Preparedness and Response: Exchanging Experience and Looking for Synergies

9 – 12 Jul 2018
Vienna, Austria

The purpose of this event is to bring together adequate representatives of the already established Capacity Building Centres for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CBCs-EPR), entities in the process of being established as CBCs-EPR, and entities interested in the CBC-EPR concept, to discuss

proposals and different viewpoints related to the following topics:

  • Experience and feedback from the implementation of training events based on IAEA training materials;
  • Assessment of capacity building needs in relevant emergency preparedness and response
  • (EPR)-related fields, based on feedback from training and meetings held at existing CBCs-EPR;
  • Identification of possible synergies among different CBCs-EPR; and
  • Revision as appropriate of the CBC-EPR concept to better support the IAEA in addressing needs regarding EPR capacity building.



  1. Employment
  2. Women
  3. Press

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