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Training/Workshop on Exchange of Experience on Modelling Energy System for Planning

9 – 13 Jul 2018
Zagreb, Croatia
Event code: EVT1703799

The International Atomic Energy Agency helps its Member States with modelling approaches for the evaluation of energy system infrastructure in relation to energy affordability, energy security and environmental and climate change impacts.

The purpose of the Workshop on the Exchange of Experience on Modelling of Energy Systems for Planning is to facilitate the exchange of experiences among Member States regarding their use of the IAEA’s tools for energy planning and analysis, and to provide an opportunity to share relevant analytical tools that they themselves have developed. It will focus on methodological aspects of the tools and the relevance they have for the formulation of energy policy and strategies to promote sustainable development in the participating countries.

The workshop will cover: (a) major issues related to energy systems in the context of sustainable development; (b) energy system modelling approaches and scenario designs for evaluating alternative energy strategies that take into account the techno-economic and environmental aspects of various energy option parameters; (c) trade-offs for possible integration of the national energy system with sub-regional and regional networks; and (d) the policy relevance of energy system analysis in Member States.

Each participant is expected to give a presentation with a focus on the application of energy system models in the respective Member States. Of particular interest are innovative analytical solutions to address issues that are likely to be of relevance to other participants. Furthermore, the participants should highlight instances where energy system assessments have been used to inform policy formulation or other decisions in their home countries. A general assessment of how the energy planning and assessment activities are integrated into decision-making processes can also be included in the presentations.

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