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Train-the-Trainers course for Radiation Protection Officers of Medical and Industrial Facilities

4 – 8 Jun 2018

The course will provide participants with theoretical knowledge of roles, duties and competence of a radiation protection officer of medical and industrial facilities; and practical skills to design and deliver a training sequence on technical topics; in order to act as trainer of radiation protection officers in their countries.

Participants will have secondary or tertiary education with a relevant technical or scientific background in the field of radiation safety. They should be very familiar with the role and duties of the radiation protection officer, as provided in the International Basic Safety Standards (“a person technically competent in radiation protection matters relevant for a given type of practice who is designated by the registrant, licensee or employer to oversee the application of relevant requirements”). Participants are expected to become trainers of radiation protection officers of medical and industrial facilities in their countries; so this should be considered by the nominating authorities when proposing candidates among persons that are working in an organization that provides training in radiation protection. As this couse will be conducted in English, participants should have sufficient proficiency to follow discussions and express themselves in this language without difficulties and deliver presentations. 


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