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Technical Meeting on Security of Nuclear and other Radioactive Material in Transport

9 – 13 Jul 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: J0-TM-1703390

Transport of nuclear and other radioactive material takes place outside secured facilities, which makes transport one of the higher risk activities in the lifetime of these materials. The Agency continues to assist States, upon request, in strengthening transport security arrangements by helping to incorporate the necessary recommendations into their national frameworks and assisting with their practical implementation.

Transport security regulators, international organizations, operators, and other experts will discuss challenges faced by Member States and share information on topics related to the security of nuclear and other radioactive material in transport.

This meeting will focus on IAEA assistance programmes, support activities, and tools available to Member States intended to strengthen the national nuclear security regime; development of national transport security regulations and training programmes; enforcement and sanctions; transport for fuel conversion missions; international transports, including challenges during in-transit shipments; the transport safety and transport security interface; evolving and future threats; and advancements in transport security technologies.



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