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Technical Meeting on Current Trends and Developments in Nuclear Instrumentation

3 – 7 Dec 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1703707

The purpose of the meeting is to highlight, review and discuss the state of the art portable nuclear instrumentation for in situ environmental monitoring including analytical methodologies. The following topics are expected to be included in the programme:

  • Examination of capabilities and shortcomings for effective operation and maintenance of state of the art instrumentation and interpretation tools used for environmental studies;
  • Discussion of practical training in the operation and effective utilization of portable nuclear instrumentation for environmental applications, including development of conventional and e-learning tools;
  • Discussion and review of the role of national and international networks, including ENVIRONET and its INSITU Working Group;
  • Consider and advise on the role of the IAEA in support of developing Member State’s activities to effectively apply nuclear instrumentation for environmental and other applications.


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