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International Conference on Enhancing the Operational Safety of Nuclear Power Plants

15 – 19 April 2024, Beijing, China

International Conference on Enhancing the Operational Safety of Nuclear Power Plants 2024

Topics and Submission of Synopses

For detailed information on the Conference Topics, Submission of Synopses and Contributions, please see para C., D., and E. of the Conference Announcement, available under Related Resources.

Papers and Proceedings

Concise papers on the topics outlined in Section C may be submitted as contributions to the conference. All papers, apart from invited papers, must present original work and should not have been published elsewhere.

Submission of extended synopses

Anyone wishing to present a paper at the conference is requested to first submit an extended synopsis of between 600 and 800 words (not exceeding two pages, including figures, tables and references) in electronic format. The extended synopsis should give enough information on the contents of the proposed paper to enable the Programme Committee to evaluate it. Introductory and general matters should not be included. Authors should state which topic outlined in Section C, their contribution relates too.

Instructions on how to upload the extended synopses to the conference’s web browser-based file submission system (IAEA‑INDICO) will be available on the conference web page (see Section O below). The extended synopses must be submitted through this system by 15 January 2024 9 February 2024.


The system for electronic submission of papers, IAEA-INDICO, is the sole mechanism for submission of contributed papers. Authors are encouraged to submit papers as early as possible. The IAEA will not accept submissions via email

Acceptance of papers for oral or poster presentation

The extended synopsis will be considered only if the Participation Form (Form A) and Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B) have been received by the above-mentioned deadline and through the established official channels (see Section F).

A limited number of extended synopses will be selected for submission of a full paper and, consequently, for either oral or poster presentation, which should be delivered during the conference sessions.

Authors will be notified by 15 February 2023 as to whether their extended synopses have been accepted and, if so, whether the full papers should be delivered as oral or poster presentations.

Authors will be asked to provide their full-length papers (a maximum of eight pages) by 01 March 2024. Guidelines and a template for the preparation and submission of full papers and posters will be made available on the conference web page. The full paper must be submitted through the IAEA-INDICO system in the same way as the extended synopses.

The Secretariat reserves the right to exclude papers that do not comply with its quality standards or that do not apply to one of the topics outlined in Section C above.


The proceedings of the conference will be published by the IAEA and made available on the IAEA website after the conference. The proceedings will include the conference conclusions and recommendations, session summaries and the full papers.

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