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International Conference on Radiation Safety: Improving Radiation Protection in Practice - Young Professionals

9–13 November 2020, Vienna, Austria

International Conference on Radiation Safety 2020

The IAEA encourages students and young professionals, younger than 35 years, to attend the International Conference on Radiation Safety: Improving Radiation Protection in Practice, from 9 to 13 November 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

The continued safe use of radiation in industry, medicine and research depends on the availability of radiation protection experts with the necessary expertise, well defined skills and experience to address challenges in the future. Participation in this international meeting will allow young professionals to broaden their outlook, make contacts and embrace new ideas and concepts in this specialised field of science and technology.

The IAEA is organizing a series of special events and opportunities for young professionals at the International Conference on Radiation Safety:

  • Young Professional Presentations: Selected young professionals will be offered the opportunity to present their research during technical sessions. Students and professionals from different radiation safety areas under the age of 35 are encouraged to submit abstracts as soon as possible in order to be considered. Abstracts are expected to reflect their experience in applying the current system of radiological protection based on the IAEA International Basic Safety Standards (BSS) to the protection of workers, patients, the public and the environment from both natural and artificial radiation sources.
  • Co-Chair of Technical Sessions: Selected young professionals will be offered the opportunity to support the Chairs of the technical sessions by serving as Co-Chairs. Primary responsibilities of Co-Chairs would include introducing the speakers, monitoring social media and assisting the session rapporteur to prepare the summary.
  • Professional Development Programme: The IAEA is organizing a professional development programme with the objective of connecting interested young people with experienced professionals in radiation safety, including healthcare specialists and policymakers. There will be a speaker series in which experts from the various fields in radiation safety will offer insight into their career path and advice. The event will include a networking reception where young professionals will have the opportunity to meet experienced professionals and make themselves and their work known in the radiation safety community.

To participate, please submit participation forms as displayed on the main conference webpage, where you can also see the abstract submission guidelines as well as a full list of the conference topics.

Participation from students (Masters level or PhDs) and mid-career professionals who have an academic background or pursuing a career in radiation safety area are encouraged to apply.


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