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INPRO Dialogue Forum on Opportunities and Issues in Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Energy (16th INPRO Dialogue Forum)

12 – 14 Dec 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1702017

Nuclear energy has the potential to play a major role in solving global issues when deployed in cogeneration, i.e., for electricity generation and for providing process heat to non-electric applications such as desalination, district heating, hydrogen production, and other industrial applications. Non-electric applications can be seen as a catalyst for the newly addressed hybrid nuclear–renewable energy systems. In such a case, nuclear energy can offer sustainable and economic solutions for several energy challenges facing current and future generations. Consequently, there is increasing interest around the world in using nuclear energy for non-electric applications.

Technically, nuclear power reactors in operation or under development may well be integrated — to form a cogeneration system — with other systems for non-electric applications, depending on the temperature requirements of such application. However, such cogeneration systems have not been widely deployed for various technical, economic and social reasons related to both nuclear power plants (NPPs) and non-electric applications.

The IAEA supports and facilitates the development of new and emerging applications of nuclear energy and related technologies. It provides the forum for the exchange of information on the various non-electric applications; publishes technical and economic documents; and organizes technical meetings on the topic.

This Dialogue Forum, organized by the IAEA's International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO), will focus not only on technology, but also institutional aspects, such as market, resources, effects of regulation and public acceptance issues.

The objectives of this 16th INPRO Dialogue Forum are:

  • Discuss and share information and knowledge on the current status and the potential of nuclear cogeneration for non-electric applications to greatly increase the efficiency of installed nuclear power;
  • Identify the barriers to non-electric applications entering the heat and transportation commercial market and potential solutions;
  • Explore the future perspectives for small modular reactors and innovative nuclear energy systems;
  • Identify areas for additional research, development and demonstration needed to bring non-electric applications of nuclear power to full commercialization; and
  • Draw up recommendations for the IAEA Secretariat and the Member States on non-electric applications of nuclear energy



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