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IAEA Technical Meeting on Novel Multidisciplinary Applications with Unstable Ion Beams and Complementary Techniques

10 – 14 Dec 2018
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1703385

During the last two decades, nuclear physics research has triggered unique developments in accelerator technologies and associated nuclear instrumentation. Among the most challenging ones is the production and subsequent acceleration of unstable (radioactive) beams with intensities allowing also for a variety of applications  in domains of large societal impact and increased industrial interest, such as human health, environmental and space applications, energy, and the development of new materials. As such, applications of unstable (radioactive) beams and new radioisotopes resulting from the production of such beams may have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of IAEA Member States, and therefore justifies being explored in a coordinated manner.

The purpose of the event is to document the recent advances in unstable beam production and acceleration technologies, to survey the current multidisciplinary applications of unstable ion beams, to map the current interest of the scientific community in this field, and to conclude on the need for a subsequent technical meeting and/or a coordinated research project.

The meeting will focus on, but will not be limited to, the following technical topics:

  • Harvesting of isotopes from ion beam dumps and production targets
  • Local radioactive probes for condensed matter, biophysics and chemistry
  • Direct radioisotope production for medicine from RIB facilities
  • Industry-related RIB-based applications
  • Use of radioisotopes for condensed matter physics research and materials analysis
  • Instrumentation for RIB production, control and handling.


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