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29th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2023) - Abstract and Paper Submissions

Topics and Submission of Synopses

For detailed information on the Conference Topics, Submission of Synopses and Contributions, please see para D., E. and F. of the Conference Announcement, available under Related Resources. 

  • OV            Programme(s)/Topic(s) Overview
  • EX            Magnetic Fusion Experiments including Validation
  • TH            Magnetic Fusion Theory and Simulation
  • TECH      Fusion Energy Technology
  • IFE           Inertial Fusion Energy
  • IAC          Innovative and Alternative Fusion Concepts

Contributions on these topics will be considered for presentation at the FEC 2023 if they are clearly relevant to the development of fusion energy. A Programme Committee consisting of a representative international membership will be responsible for the selection of contributions, the arrangements of conference sessions and the overall scientific content of the conference.

Anyone wishing to present a contribution during the conference must submit a synopsis of no more than 1250 words (~2 pages) excluding body, references and figures text. All synopses must be submitted through the INDICO system between 10 February and 16 March 2023. Synopses submitted out of the submission time will not be considered under any circumstances. No other form of submission will be accepted. Synopses submissions will be made publicly available in the end, as part of the Contributions, and Conference Material.

IMPORTANT: The synopses will be considered by the Programme Committee only if governmental approval (designation) has been received by 28 March 2023.

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