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Workshop on Techniques and Technologies Used for the Characterization of Radioactively Contaminated Land

8 – 12 Apr 2024
Harwell, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Event code: EVT2304379

The IAEA will hold a Training Workshop on Techniques andTechnologies Used for the Characterization of Radioactively Contaminated Landat the UKHSA Training Centre, Harwell Campus, United Kingdom from 8 to 12 April2024.

Virtual attendance is not possible.

Contaminated sites and areas requiring environmentalimprovement exist across the world. Critical to ensuring their remediation andreuse is the ability to characterize the site before, during and after siteworks.

Characterization of contaminated land is amulti-disciplinary task which requires a range of expertise and technicalbackgrounds. Characterization requires systematic planning, the use of in situtechnologies and physical sample collection with laboratory analyses, and alsodata assessment and visualization.

This an introductory training workshop and is intended forindividuals involved the radiological characterization and remediation ofradioactively contaminated land. The workshop is applicable to early careerpractitioners, scientists and technicians and trainees pursuing a career withinthe field of radioactive contaminated land management.

Due to constraints, a maximum of 25 participants will beselected to attend the training workshop.

The selection of the participants will be based on theinformation provided in the personal abstract.

The designation deadline is 29 January 2024.

Further information can be found in the Information Sheet.

For further administrative enquires please contact Mr JovanCatovic (J.Catovic@iaea.org), and for technical enquires please contact the ScientificSecretary Ms Kim Baines (K.Baines@iaea.org).


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