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Training Course on Leadership, Management and Culture for Safety

6 – 10 May 2024
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2303786


Leadership, management and culture for safety are key factors contributing to operational safety. The understanding and capability to implement leadership, management and culture for safety programmes are crucial for Member States operating nuclear installations as well as embarking Member States that are starting their nuclear power programmes.

The leadership, management and culture for safety programmes and tools should be defined, established, maintained, and improved in all important organizations like operating organizations, regulatory bodies, nuclear energy programme implementing organizations (NEPIO) and other organizations, using a graded approach.

This training course will provide a comprehensive and state-of-the art programme on requirements of the IAEA General Safety Requirements No. GSR Part 2 Leadership and Management for Safety and their practical explanation and application.


  • To provide information on GSR Part 2 requirements and explain ways of their practical application
  • To provide explanation of interrelation of leadership, management and culture for safety and their importance for operational safety
  • To discuss characteristics of efficient leadership for safety
  • To understand the importance of setting goals, policies, strategies and objectives in accordance with the fundamental safety objective
  • To understand integrated and process based management systems
  • To understand and discuss resources management and supply chain management
  • To understand importance of safety culture and discuss traits and attributes of strong and healthy safety culture
  • To understand and discuss various assessment activities, such as self-assessment and independent assessment of management system and assessment of leadership and safety culture
  • To facilitate the experience exchange between IAEA, international experts and participants
  • To provide opportunity to discuss particular topics in group work and exercises
  • To contribute to development of nuclear professionals in the area of leadership, management and safety culture.

Target Audience

  • Senior and middle management of organizations which operate or regulate nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations
  • Senior and middle management of future operating organizations and other organizations participating in the development of a nuclear infrastructure in phases 2 and 3 according to the IAEA Milestone Approach
  • Experts working in the area of leadership, management and culture for safety from all of the above mentioned organizations.


All persons wishing to participate in the event have to be designated by an IAEA Member State or should be members of organizations that have been invited to attend.

In order to be designated by an IAEA Member State, participants are requested to send the Participation Form (Form A) to their competent national authority (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Mission to the IAEA or National Atomic Energy Authority) for onward transmission to the IAEA by 1 March 2024. Participants who are members of an organization invited to attend are requested to send the Participation Form (Form A) through their organization to the IAEA by the above deadline.


The event will be held at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) where the IAEA’s Headquarters are located. Participants must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

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