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Technical Meeting on Safety Demonstration of Innovative Technology in Power Reactor Designs

26 – 28 Jun 2023
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2202451


The objective of the event is to provide a platform for the participants to share experiences in the safety demonstration for first of a kind reactor designs, in particular related to resolving or mitigating uncertainties associated with innovative technology. It is also planned to discuss the challenges and potential solutions related to the safety demonstration for innovative technology in power reactors covering different stages (such as design, licensing, manufacturing and construction).

Special emphasis will be put on key aspects of the safety demonstration, including design safety requirements and safety assessment approaches, covering a wide range of topics related to the use of innovative technology in power reactor designs.

Target Audience

The event is targeted at professionals from regulatory bodies, design development organizations and operating organizations who are engaged in developing or assessing the safety demonstration for innovative technology in power reactor designs (this includes both innovative reactor designs, such as SMRs and non-water-cooled reactors, and existing reactor designs utilizing innovative technologies and solutions). Participation of professionals with experiences in developing methodologies and approaches to address, mitigate, and/or resolve unknowns associated with innovative technology, including systems, components, materials and advanced manufacturing techniques is encouraged.


The following topics are planned to be covered during the Technical Meeting:
• Development of design, construction and manufacturing requirements, from a safety point of view, for innovative technology in power reactor designs (including practices on pre-operational testing and qualification);
• Practices for safety assessment for innovative technology in power reactor designs (including safety analysis, assessment of engineering aspects, equipment qualification, human factors and long-term safety);
• Means of gathering the data for design and safety assessment of innovative technology (including consideration of tests and experiments);
• Consideration of interfaces between safety, security and safeguards for innovative technology;
• Regulatory expectations in terms of safety submissions for innovative technology in power reactor designs;
• Practices for addressing the knowledge gaps and uncertainties related to innovative technology in power reactor designs.

The IAEA encourages participants to provide presentations and to share their practices and experiences on the topics listed above.

Key Deadlines 

13 March 2023 Deadline for submission of the Participation Form (Form A) and if applicable the Grant Application Form (Form C).


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