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Training Workshop on Mineral Exploration Planning and Management for Uranium and Thorium Projects

29 May – 2 Jun 2023
Espoo, Finland
Event code: EVT2201313


About 92 IAEA Member States have historically or are currently exploring for uranium or thorium. In the past 30 years, 75% or more of the projects in the Uranium Production Cycle that have been supported through the IAEA Technical Cooperation programme were focussed on aspects of uranium exploration.

Experience has shown that these projects often required considerable guidance from the IAEA and international experts, not only on the technical aspects, but on the overall management and planning of these projects in the context of mineral exploration. A systematic, phased approach to exploration for uranium (or thorium) utilizing best practises and IAEA guidance is recommended to ensure the sustainability of uranium exploration programmes in Member States as well as to ensure these activities are undertaken in a safe and secure manner.

To support this recommendation the IAEA is in the process of developing a Technical Document entitled, ‘Exploration Planning and Management of Uranium Projects’.

A first draft of this document will be the basis of the training materials that will be used at the Training Workshop. In addition, a practical field exercise will be conducted to utilize the theory learned during the meeting.

About the Practical Field Exercise

The training aims to cover the basic knowledge required for professionals to engage in uranium (and thorium) exploration activities. It is targeted primarily to those who are newly engaged in uranium exploration or with very little previous experience.

A field based practical mapping exercise will be conducted at a location one hour from Espoo.

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is known for providing excellent support for training in the field of geosciences. Together with their dataset and location and the expertese of lectureres invited by the IAEA, a valuable and practical hands-on learning experience will be provided to the participants of this training workshop.

At the end of the training, each participant will be expected to have enough general knowledge to understand the basic principles needed to plan and execute an exploration programme in their home country utilizing best practises and a systematic approach.

The practical training portions of the event aim to provide the general background and tools to enable professionals to formulate the questions required to undergo an exploration programme in any region.

Target Audience

The event is limited to 20 participants and therefore invitations will be limited to those Member States that have potential to host uranium deposits and have none or limited experience in uranium exploration and would therefore benefit the most from this training.

Respective Member States will receive an Announcement with an invitation to designate one participant to this training workshop.

For further questions, please contact the event's Scientific and/or Administrative Secretaries.

*) Banner Picture: Courtesy of the Geological Survey of Finland

Scientific Secretary

Adrienne Joyce Hanly
Uranium Production Specialist

Email: A.Hanly@iaea.org

Administrative Secretary

Sakura De Goyaz

Email: S.Gyay-De-Goyaz@iaea.org

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