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Workshop on Characterization and Monitoring to Support the Management of Contaminated Land

10 – 14 Oct 2022
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2103802

The IAEA will hold a training workshop on Characterization and Monitoring to Support the Management of Radioactively Contaminated Land at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from 10 to 14 October 2022. Virtual attendance is not possible.

Contaminated sites and areas requiring environmental improvement exist across the world. Critical to ensuring their clean up and reuse is the ability to characterize and monitor the site before, during and after physical works. Characterization and monitoring of contaminated land is a multi-disciplinary task requiring a range of expertise and technical backgrounds. It can include the use of in field instrumentation, sampling strategies and techniques, laboratory analysis and data assessment and visualization.

This an introductory training workshop and is intended for individuals involved the radiological characterization and remediation of radioactively contaminated land. The course is particularly applicable to early career practitioners, scientists and technicians carrying out radiological characterization and groundwater monitoring activities and trainees pursuing a career within the field of radioactive contaminated land management.

The course would also be relevant to project managers responsible for the implementation of radiological characterization programmes.

All nominations must provide a personal abstract as outlined in the information sheet otherwise the nomination cannot be considered.

The designation deadline is 12th August 2022.

For further administrative enquires please contact Ms Iris Kridtner (I.Kridtner@iaea.org), and for technical enquires please contact the Scientific Secretary Ms Kim Baines (K.Baines@iaea.org).

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