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Technical Meeting for Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities

31 Oct – 4 Nov 2022
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2101964

The purpose of the Technical Meeting is to provide an opportunity for dialogue between and with representatives of municipalities hosting nuclear facilities, including waste disposal sites, uranium mining sites and end-of-life environmental remediation sites, and to enhance awareness of and share experiences on topics of interest to stakeholders at the local level. The meeting will also focus on the interaction between less experienced and more experienced local communities and organizations, which would contribute to improving communication among authorities, regulatory bodies, and operators.

The event is open to local representatives, including municipal authorities (mayors and councillors), local media, and NGOs in municipalities hosting nuclear facilities. In order to enable and encourage an effective exchange of experience, the meeting may also include representatives of nuclear facilities, key national organizations responsible for nuclear facilities, such as plant licensees and government. The event is also open to participants from Member States and experts from nuclear societies, educational organizations or other institutions involved in stakeholder engagement activities.

Collected input and captured experiences may further help inform the development and implementation of stakeholder strategies and communication plans in the IAEA Member States.

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