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Technical Meeting on Instrumentation and Control and Computer Security for Small Modular Reactors and Microreactors

21 – 25 Feb 2022
Virtual event
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT2100684


The focus of this Technical meeting is on key near-term instrumentation and control (I&C) and computer security aspects and challenges for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) and Microreactor (MR).

In the last decade, there has been significant development in SMR and MRs technologies. SMRs and MRs provide low carbon energy like traditional nuclear power plants, but they are more affordable, more adaptable for load following demands, and suitable for off-grid applications. SMRs and MRs usually have simplified and compact designs with built-in passive safety systems.

The increased digital automation, unique environmental conditions, remote supervisory control and remote maintenance, with reduced on-site staffing, reinforces the need for I&C solutions and computer security measures being considered and maintained during the entire SMR/MRs lifecycle, from design to operation to decommissioning.

One of the biggest challenges for the near-term deployment of SMR/MRs is to accelerate their technology development and to demonstrate the level of readiness both for electricity and non-electricity applications, while maintaining compliance with standards for safety and security.


The objective of the event is to serve as an international forum for enhancing interaction and information exchange among international experts for I&C and computer security aspects, including challenges for the near-term deployment of SMR/MRs. The intention is also to foster Member States’ cooperation and technical exchange on activities that have the potential to advance the safety and security of SMR/MRs.


The event will consist of Plenary Sessions dedicated to invited speakers and that are related to the I&C and computer security thematic areas, and Working Group Sessions dedicated to speakers who have submitted an abstract related to the I&C and computer security topics. These sessions include panel and group discussions.

The plenary sessions will cover the following I&C and computer security thematic areas: 

  • Challenges for Innovative I&C Technologies and Computer Security for SMR/MRs
  • Safety and Security Integration of I&C and Computer Security for SMR/MRs
  • Regulatory Approach for SMR/MRs

The working group sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Integration of Safety and Security for SMR/MRs
  • Innovations on I&C and new Digital Technologies
  • SMR/MRs Regulation
  • I&C and Computer Security Supply Chain for SMR/MRs
  • Advanced I&C and Computer Security Modelling and Simulation

Please download the information sheet for additional details on participating in the meeting, abstracts and presentations, and key contacts for this Technical Meeting.

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