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Technical Meeting on Advances in Post-Irradiation Examination Techniques for Power Reactor Irradiated Fuels and Innovative Fuels

21 – 27 Jul 2021
Virtual event
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1905299

For decades the IAEA has supported Member States in various aspects to improve the reliability of fuel for power reactors. Post-irradiation examinations (PIEs), accomplished by destructive fuel examinations in hot cells and non-destructive fuel examinations in both hot cells and spent fuel pool, are essential for the understanding of fuel behaviour and its further improvement with respect to the performance and safety in the reactor. The IAEA has fostered the exchange of information on advances in PIE techniques via Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs), Technical Meetings or equivalent, and edited several technical documents.

In the last decade, fuel communities in Member States have pursued R&D to advance PIE technologies in order to ensure fuel reliability under operational states including high burnup operation and power manoeuvring operation; to enhance fuel safety through understanding of fuel and material degradation and failure mechanisms under accident conditions; to support the development of innovative fuels and materials (e.g. accident tolerant fuel (ATF), fast reactor (FR) fuels, GEN-IV fuels, small modular reactor (SMR) fuels, inert matrix fuel (IMF)); and to support the development and validation of computer codes (e.g. 3D analysis codes, multi-scale codes).

The purpose of this event is to exchange information on advanced post-irradiation examinations techniques for materials of existing and future reactor fuels, cladding, in-core structural components and coolant. The event will support Member States in addressing technical challenges encountered when examining existing and innovative fuels.

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