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Virtual Event - 19th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Enhancing Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy through Institutional Innovations

7 – 10 Dec 2021
Virtual event
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1904530

The International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) was established in 2000 to help ensure that nuclear energy is available to contribute to meeting the energy needs of the 21st century in a sustainable manner. The INPRO Dialogue Forums offer a platform for technology holders, technology users and other stakeholders to share information, perspectives and knowledge on issues related to sustainable nuclear energy development. The Dialogue Forum focus not only on technology, but also institutional aspects, such as market, resources, effects of regulation and public acceptance issues.

While nuclear energy has been one of the major sources of electricity with its role in achieving sustainable development and mitigating climate change, public acceptance and national policy uncertainties still constitute hurdles to the once envisaged nuclear renaissance. For a significant improvement of public acceptance of nuclear energy, both technological and institutional innovations to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks and the up-front costs of nuclear energy are essential.  However, there are a number of barriers faced by innovative nuclear research, development, demonstration and deployment that come with very high cost, technical risks, and long lifetime cycles. The required investments to resolve the technological barriers and research risks are large and arguably beyond the means of most individual member states.

While technological innovations to address the above concerns have received a lot of attention, institutional innovations to overcome those barriers have received relatively little attention. Therefore, more attention should be given to the role of institutional innovations while keeping in mind the importance of technical innovations. Furthermore, joint effort of member states in regional and globe girdling alliances is essential for the institutional and technological innovations.

The objectives of the 19th INPRO Dialogue Forum are to:

  • Recognize the importance of public acceptance and robust government policy needed for a sustainable nuclear power programme.
  • Identify different institutional and technological factors that affect public acceptance of nuclear energy.
  • Explore the role of institutional and technological innovations for enhancing public acceptance and government backing.
  • Explore the roles that various institutions can play to enhance public acceptance of nuclear energy, with a focus on educational institutions.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned from cases of success or failure in different organizations and countries
  • Share new ideas and suggestions for innovations that will bring significant improvement of public acceptance.

All persons wishing to participate in the event have to be designated by an IAEA Member State or should be members of organizations that have been invited to attend.

In order to be designated by an IAEA Member State, participants are requested to send the Participation Form (Form A) to their competent national authority (e.g., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Mission to the IAEA or National Atomic Energy Authority) for further transmission to the IAEA. Participants who are members of an organization invited to attend are requested to send the Participation Form (Form A) through their organization to the IAEA.

Selected participants will be informed in due course on the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative matters.

Papers and Presentations

The IAEA encourages participants to give presentations on the work of their respective institutions that falls under the topics listed above.

Participants who wish to give presentations are requested to submit an abstract of their work together with the Participation Form (Form A) and the Form for Submission of a Presentation (Form B) to their competent national authority (e.g., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Mission to the IAEA or National Atomic Energy Authority) or their organization for onward transmission to the IAEA.

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