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Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources

11 Mar – 6 Sep 2019
Event code: EVT1805668

The purpose of the course is to meet the educational and training requirements of graduate level staff earmarked for senior positions in radiation protection and the safety of radiation sources.

The course will consist of lectures, practical exercises, laboratory exercises, demonstrations and technical visits in the field. Topics of the course include: Review of fundamentals; Quantities and measurements; Biological effects of ionizing radiation; The international system of radiation protection and the regulatory framework; Assessment of external and internal exposures (other than medical); Planned Exposure Situations (General Requirements; Occupational, Public and Medical Exposure); Emergency Exposure Situations; Existing Exposure Situations; Train-the-trainers; Project Assignment.

Participants are expected to carry out a research project to demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquired within the course. The project should be aimed at solving a specific radiation protection problem in their home country and participants are expected to present their project at the end of the course. All the applicants should therefore, prior to the beginning of the course, provide to the Local Organizer suitable ideas/topics for their project that have been identified by national authorities as a radiation protection problem.

Please click on the link for the course syllabus.


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