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Annual Meeting of the International Nuclear Management Academy

10 – 13 Dec 2019
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1805560

The International Nuclear Management Academy (INMA) is an IAEA-facilitated collaboration framework for universities and other educational institutions that have established, or plan to establish, nuclear technology management (NTM) master’s degree programmes. The INMA-endorsed NTM programmes target current and future managers working in the nuclear energy sector, including power and non-power applications. INMA operates as a programme activity of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section of the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Energy.

The event is open to all INMA members, interested universities and their stakeholders in industry and government.


The objectives of the event are to:

(a) review the progress since the INMA Annual Meeting in 2018;

(b) provide a forum for university representatives to present the status of their existing or planned NTM programme and share their good practices and experiences;

(c) discuss new ideas on the expansion of the INMA collaboration framework;

(d) promote industry/government stakeholder involvement in NTM programmes; and

(e) provide information to potential new INMA member university applicants on the INMA endorsement process.

Updates will be provided on the status of the INMA upgrade project and university endorsement process:

Expected Output

The event is expected to produce a report on the items listed above.


All persons wishing to participate in the event have to be designated by an IAEA Member State or should be members of organizations that have been invited to attend.

Selected participants will be informed in due course on the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative and financial matters.


The event will be held at the Vienna International Centre (VIC), where the IAEA’s Headquarters are located.


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