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Technical Meeting on the Experiences in the Management of Depleted Uranium Shielding Used in Radioactive Source Containers

19 – 23 Aug 2019
Vienna, Austria
Event code: EVT1804489

Sealed radioactive sources have been used globally for many decades in a wide range of applications. At the end of their useful life, usually 5 to 15 years, the radioactive sources become disused. However, associated with the end of the useful life of radioactive sources, especially the higher activity sources, is the generation of residual radiation shielding materials containing depleted uranium. For example, portable industrial gamma radiography devices contain up to 20 kilograms of shielding material, consisting of depleted uranium, lead, or tungsten. Oil well-logging devices contain depleted uranium as housings for the gamma sources. Teletherapy machines, used for cancer treatment, also contain depleted uranium as shielding material, as well as in the collimators.

The purpose of the meeting is to prepare guidance on the management of depleted uranium shielding associated with the disused sealed radioactive sources remaining in Member States after the sources have been removed. Participants will describe the experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of operations related to the management of depleted uranium shielding used in radioactive source containers.

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